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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shabby Chic Cottage in the works!

Sorry, but I've been lazy about posting on my blog.  I'm currently working on two dollhouses both are cottages.  One is a "Greenleaf" brand and the other Real Good Toys.  I decided to venture off to the "Real Good Toys" brand because I found so many reviews that stated it was sturdier and easier to build.  It does cost a bit more.  I purchased the least expensive in their line.  It is called the "The Keeper's House."  This one I've been slowly working on, adding small structural details in the house.  I decided to put wallpaper, wood floors, and floor borders.  I'm also planning on adding castings to the window and door.  Here's some pictures of it.

This is the front of the cottage.  I got the color scheme one day when I was wearing light blue and white.  I accidentally dropped some ketchup on on my cloths and viola the idea came about.  I know that's a bit odd but I thought it was a pretty combination.

I added some shabby chic wallpaper.  There are soft blues, pinks, and greens.  I heart shabby chic.  It never gets old.

Dark brown wood flooring for the upstairs!     

   Here's pictures of the down stair white wood flooring.  I tried to stagger the flooring to give it a more authentic look.  It wasn't easy, so I only did a portion of it that way.        

I will post more picture of the progress on this one.  I'm still working on the "Greenleaf" one and will soon post on that one as well. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share my fun hobby!